It's Time to Register for Day ONE!

This anticipated month opened with a celebrated, Board-wide Kindergarten Registration Day on February 1, 2023. On this day across the district, DSB1 families and soon-to-be Kindergarten students were invited to visit the DSB1 elementary school in their catchment area to register for the upcoming school year.

One example of a vibrant Kindergarten Registration Day is from Cochrane Public School, where families were warmly welcomed. These young learners engaged in play-based learning and exploration while families completed the documentation for the enrolment process.

Kindergarten Registration Month means welcoming new families to our DSB1 community and expanding our pre-established family networks. "I've been able to see how the [DSB1] School Board works, so I'm excited to see her thrive," shares one family member with other children already attending a DSB1 school. "Hopefully, she can spread her wings and enjoy it." Another family member expresses, "it's an exciting time." 

With Kindergarten Registration Month underway, we invite families to register for Kindergarten anytime online or in person by visiting the DSB1 elementary school near them during operational hours. We welcome you to explore our DSB1 District Map and complete listing of schools to learn more.

At DSB1, we know that registering your child for Kindergarten is an important milestone, and our team of Educators and Staff are here to support families during this monumental time. To learn more about the DSB1 Kindergarten Program and how you can support your child, or if you have questions about your child's first year at school, please refer to our Kindergarten Registration webpage for resources, guides, and information.

Register for Kindergarten, and get ready for day ONE!